By Miyoko Schinner, author Artisan Vegan Life

Here’s an easy, tasty spin on an old Japanese classic, sukiyaki. It’s a one-pot solution for both busy family weeknights and parties - all you need is some rice to go with it. You can even cook it at the table on a portable burner, and keep adding ingredients to it as people take from the pot. And imagine - with no oil added and lots of veggies, it’s a nutrient-packed, low-fat meal.


Put the mushrooms, kabocha, broccoli, tofu, and shirataki in a large, deep skillet. Pour in soy sauce, mirin (sweet-cooking wine), & agave syrup.

Cover & cook 5 minutes on medium high heat until the veggies are fairly tender.

Add the scallions & napa cabbage. Cover and cook for a few more minutes until everything has cooked down and is tender.

At the very end, stir in fresh ginger and cover 1 minute right before serving.


12 ounces shiiitake mushrooms, left whole with stems removed or cut in half

½ small Kabocha Squash, sliced ⅓ inch thick

3 cups broccoli florets

1 pound Shirataki noodles`, drained, rinsed, and cut into 6-inch lengths (approximate)

1 pound medium or regular tofu, sliced ½ inch thick

1/2 c. soy sauce

1/3 c. mirin (sweet - cooking wine)

1/3 c. agave syrup

2 bunches of scallions, cut into 3-inch lengths

1 small head napa cabbage, cut into 3-inch pieces

1 tablespoon fresh ginger.